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Music & Dance Performance for Children

TAH DAM!: Welcome

TAH DAM is a music and dance performance made specially for young children and their families.

With joyful music from African and Western traditions

TAH DAM is sure to delight!

TAH DAM features many interesting instruments such as;

Mbira (from Zimbabwe), Djembe (from West Africa),

Umtshingo (from South Africa), Adungu (from Uganda),

as well as piano, rainstick, and singing.

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Performers: 5

Duration: 35 minutes

Required: 1 piano

Audience capacity: 200 people

If requested, the performers can offer music and dance workshops

for children.

TAH DAM is supported by FRATZ International and Assitej South Africa

Created and Performed by:

Manuela Lucia Tessi, Coila-Leah Enderstein, Vintani Nafassi,

Sumalgy Nuro, Thalia Laric

Dramaturgy and Narration:

Nicola Elliott

Artistic Direction:

Thalia Laric

Photography, Videography and Editing:

Lindsey Appolis

Sound Recording:

Tamara Ringas and Angus Teeton

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