About TAH DAM!

TAH DAM is supported by FRATZ International, Assitej South Africa and MusicDance Cape Town

TAH DAM! is a music and dance performance for children age 2-6 years. The performance incorporates Western and African instruments and includes a set of dance and music activities for parent and child to do together at home.

The aim of the videos is to prime children for the live theatre experience and to offer opportunities for extending the experience at home.

TAH DAM will be touring soon!

Please contact us at musicdance021@gmail.com

to find out more about the show and how to bring it to your venue.

Created and Performed by:

Manuela Lucia Tessi, Coila-Leah Enderstein, Vintani Nafassi, Sumalgy Nuro, Thalia Laric

Dramaturgy and Narration:

Nicola Elliott

Artistic Direction:

Thalia Laric

Photography, Videography and Editing:

Lindsey Appolis

Sound Recording:

Tamara Ringas and Angus Teeton

Distribution and Communication:

Faye Kabali-Kagwa

Filmed at Theatre Arts, Cape Town

With thanks to FRATZ International, Assitej South Africa, Ian Burgess-Simpson pianos, Caroline Calburn and MusicDance Cape Town.